Friday, June 3, 2011

The Month of February 2011

February was reasonably quiet baking wise for me, however it gave me a chance to start the house renovations. Well it was not actually me doing the renovations, but seeing as I have had my kitchen torn apart, it was quite relative as I did not need lots of orders to have to get out having to work under extremely hard conditions. I will post a pic of my work space later- it was quite a job.

So for the month of February, I was asked to make a 40th Birthday cake which was to double up as a Wedding Cake. The twist to the story was that Kylie was turning 40 and as far as her guests knew, they were to attend a birthday party and the theme was Hawaiian, but when they got there they were to find out that it was actually a wedding. When I delivered the cake, Kylie and her family were busy putting together decorations for a wedding and from what I heard later it was a great day and a huge surprise for all.

These gorgeous little treats were for my step-neice and a little party planned for her.